In this installment of Book Java I will be discussing my journey during the process of re-drafting my, not one, but two novels. (I don’t recommend writing two novels simultaneously-the universe just aligned itself that way for me, this time.) I have come across three important points during my re-draft journey: 1. Re-drafting is not … More BOOK JAVA


Book Java is back! It’s been a long while since I wrote a blog post. With life’s little distractions and the demands of a full-time day job, for a time there I had to do a lot of juggling. But things have settled down and I have recently completed the first draft of a book … More BOOK JAVA

My Experience at the Romance Writers of America Conference 2014

Hey Guys! I’m back. What a wonderful week I had in San Antonio, TX. It’s great to be home again charged and re-charged to write and create. This was my second conference and judging from the experience, it gets better and better every year. Next year the conference will be held in Times Square, New … More My Experience at the Romance Writers of America Conference 2014


This week, since I’m prepping for my travel to San Antonio, TX for the 2014 Romance Writers of America Conference, Book Java will simply state what I’ve been reading this past week.   I’m jumping into my first historical novel this week with:  “Seven Years to Sin,” written by Sylvia Day. A young man forced … More ~BOOK JAVA~